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we need your help!

You can assist us in a number of ways and nothing is considered too small.  Are you a teacher, doctor, dentist, accountant or therapist? A builder, decorator, plumber or hairdresser? Could you donate skills or services? 


Check the list below and get in touch at to offer your support.

benefits of business pledging

  • Staff engagement & morale

  • Enhanced reputation in the community by becoming more socially responsible

  • A positive impact in the community

  • Competitive advantage in the local business market  

  • Positive community engagement with news story for online social channels 

sticker your support

In return, we will give all supporters a supporters sticker to put in the window of your business, office, home or car

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what do we need?


  • Landlord, willing or open to renting out accommodation to family for 2 years (rent will be covered by the Housing Assistance Payment once the family arrive) 

  • Plumber willing to give time to check or maintain family’s property

  • Electrician willing to give time to check or maintain family’s property

  • Research Donedeal/freecycle to identify items for family before arrival

  • Cleaning & preparing house before arrival (may including gardening)

  • Can offer van to assist in preparing house for family's arrival


Local Knowledge

  • Prepare a welcome pack including map/details of useful places, shops and bus routes etc..

  • Prepare a list of local community groups that will be of benefit to family.

Health & Wellbeing

  • Play therapist willing to give free sessions to children if needed

  • Dentist willing to give free check-up for whole family on arrival

  • Psychotherapy or counselling sessions for family if needed

  • Hairdresser able to donate time

  • Able to assist family in applying for Medical Card

  • Pharmacy able to pledge in-kind support to the family 

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  • Arabic speaker able to offer time to translate or interpret

Fundraising / Donations

  • Will organise a coffee morning to fundraise for D8RefugeeCS

  • Will organise a bric-a-brac sale to fundraise for D8RefugeeCS 

  • Will give up coffee/chocolate etc for a period of time and donate money saved to the project

  • Able to give a monthly donation to the project

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Schools & Education

  • Can offer free English language classes/lessons (or know anyone who can)

  • Able to train adult family members in a particular trade or skill

  • Assist in researching and reaching out to schools to secure places for Sept 2021

  • Can provide children’s English language books

Employment Support

  • Able to assist family members write CV

  • Job interview training and coaching for family members

  • Support for family in researching and applying for jobs

  • Guidance for family in how to apply for PPS card, welfare, tax credits etc…



  • Filling fridge with essentials before arrival (bread, milk, eggs etc…)

  • Research and prepare welcome pack with details of where to find Persian/Middle Eastern food

  • Willing to purchase takeaway meal from Persian/Middle Eastern restaurant for family on day of arrival

  • Able to provide food vouchers from local supermarket for family’s first weeks of arrival

Cross-Cultural Support

  • Can write up dictionary of Irish phrases/sayings to help family integrate

  • Can provide links with groups in the community who may have shared cultural interests to family



  • Would have time to be part of a group of trained volunteers to befriend a family resettled here and help get to know the area.

  • After a while, when the family have settled, they will need friendly people in the community to include them in social activities such as BBQs, play dates for kids and trips to the zoo. 

For more info contact:

Karen Walshe


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