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Introducing John McEvoy member of the new D8 refugee community sponsorship group

I’m John McEvoy, I live in Inchicore and I work with a homeless charity based in Dublin 8.

I’ve always found Dublin 8 to be a diverse, open and warm place to live. As a community coming together to support a family find a place of refuge away from war and division is true to the values of the area.

Ireland has always prided itself as being a place of welcome and of empathy. Our Island shares a recent history of war and division that so many other communities around the world experience. This experience as makes Ireland uniquely placed as a country which can understand in our own small way what others have gone through and is also be able to offer them a place of safety and peace.

The Community Sponsorship programme builds upon the connections we all have in our local areas and the tradition of Ireland being that place of welcome. It gives communities an opportunity to be able to reach out and try to make a difference right on our doorstep in a way that can have an incredibly positive impact on peoples lives. 

If you, like me want to do something that can make difference then please get involved in anyway you can, even if it's throwing a fiver donation our way.

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