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Introducing D8RCS group member Oluchi Porter

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

I joined the D8RCS group to open up a safe pathway for a family in need of protection to come to Ireland. Now more even, what drew me to this project was the community spirit of Dublin 8 and the compassion and dedication of the other group members. I know our community has what it takes to support a family through a difficult transition.

Like many others, as an individual, I often feel powerless in the face of the overwhelming injustice in the world. Getting involved in this Community Sponsorship initiative is a tangible way of making an impact, and also a few new friends in the process! I am very proud to live in D8, an already multicultural community, and welcome the diversity and great contributions that people from migrant backgrounds bring to the area. I hope that our group can pave the way for future communities to come together and sponsor more families.

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