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Introducing D8RCS group member Trevor Keppel

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

I am Trevor Keppel. I am originally from Terenure and have been living in the Liberties in D8 for about 5 years. I also live locally so spend most of my time in the area. I love it here because there is so much warmth in the people and rich character in the area itself.

I joined D8RCS because I want to be part of our community’s expression of hospitality to migrants. I lived as a migrant for many years in the UK and more recently in New Zealand and Australia. Im a big St Patricks Athletic FC fan - you might recognise the mural photo from the Richmond Park ground.

In 2018 myself and a couple of friends embarked on a fundraising cycle from Dublin to Greece and volunteered Chios, providing welcoming supports to migrants who have made the perilous crossing of the Aegean Sea. The experience of meeting and being with these inspiring and loving people had a profound effect on me and i have continued to work to support migrants at home and abroad.

I know the importance of a welcoming community and the joys of celebrating different cultures. Working with the group this year to prepare to warmly welcome our newest family to this area has been a fantastic experience so far. We know that the people of Dublin 8 will all enjoy meeting them and living side by side as neighbours and friends.

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